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Hi there, my name is Patricia Sarado and I'd like to welcome you to my site, Clear Braces. While I'm not a dentist or licensed orthodontist, I do work in a dentists office as an assistant. Over the years, I've witnessed the advances in dental technology and orthodontics first hand. And one of the most exciting advancements has been the advent of clear and ceramic braces. As we all know, teenagers are very self-conscious about their looks. Clear and ceramic braces can help ease the suffering most kids feel with a mouth full of metal. I know you -- as a parent or a young person about to get braces -- must have a ton of questions. I'll do my best to fill this site with useful information and, well, interesting and informative photos, that will help you make your decision about braces. And if you do have any questions, please feel free to leave a message. Thanks!

How Much Are Braces?

For adult patients, clear braces are an easy treatment alternative by which they can straighten their teeth quickly and unobtrusively. The only problem that crops up is finding out how much are braces? Unlike conventional braces, clear or ceramic braces are more expensive and technique sensitive. As a result, before you actually start treatment, it would be great to find out how much are braces for adults or children.

How much are braces?
The actual prices of the braces will depend on the type of braces that are being used. This is a simple guide that will help you budget the money for the braces. However, we do suggest that you check with at least three dentists to find out exactly how much are braces for your particular condition.

1-Invisalign braces:
These braces are probably the most popular braces at present in the market. The only problem is that these braces are custom made for each patient. It takes about three weeks to make each sequential clear transparent brace and you have to wear them for at least 12 hours every day to see an effect. If you are wondering how much are braces that are transparent, then it’s a good idea to get in touch with Invisalign specialist dentists who can provide a detailed quote.

2-Ceramic braces:
Most people opt for ceramic braces which are ideal for slow and steady teeth movement. Before you start, make sure that you inquire about how much are braces with ceramic brackets for adults or children. This is because ceramic braces are expensive. The brackets have to be purchased in the form of a set and the cost price of the set is quite high. Along with a really high initial cost, the process of using ceramic braces is quite technique sensitive and requires special wires and rubber bands to hold them in place. It would be a good idea to inquire about how much are braces made of ceramic going to cost in the long term to prevent problems later on.

3-Clear braces:
Dental product manufacturing companies also make a range of clear transparent braces that are combined with transparent plastic arch wires. These brackets are difficult to attach and they have to be ground off. They are also very brittle and this means that they do break frequently. If you are wondering how much are braces made of clear plastic going to cost, then you should know that transparent braces are affordable but treatment can be quite lengthy. This is because the plastic braces cannot be pulled or pushed with too much pressure.

How to choose the right braces?
There are no hard or fast rules on how much are braces as the treatment cost will depend on the type of braces that you have chosen and your particular dental condition.

A Short Guide to Teeth Braces Cost

Straightening your teeth can be expensive. Teeth braces cost anywhere from $2000 to about $4500 depending on the type of dental braces that you are using and the condition of your teeth. This is a short guide on the different types of dental braces that are used to treat dental problems.

Teeth braces cost quotation of traditional metal wired braces:
The traditional teeth braces cost metal wired braces is on the high side. Although the results acquired with these braces are the best, the entire procedure can be quite lengthy. Patients have to frequently return back to the dentist to get repairs done or to tighten brackets and arch wires. The average teeth braces cost of traditional metal wired braces can vary anywhere from $2000 to about $4,500.

Teeth braces cost of clear braces:
The average teeth braces cost for clear braces can be higher than that of normal metal braces. These braces are usually composed of ceramic or transparent plastic and this automatically increases the teeth braces cost. Clear plastic ties, acrylic preformed arch wires are used to straighten the teeth and these specially formulated materials will also increase the average teeth braces cost. These braces are usually recommended for adults who want to straighten their teeth as unobtrusively as possible.

Teeth braces cost of gold plated stainless steel braces:
These braces are not very common but they are recommended for patients that are allergic to nickel. The gold plating increases the average teeth braces cost but these wire and bracket systems are very effective in straightening teeth quickly

Teeth braces cost of lingual braces:
Lingual braces are excellent for people who want orthodontic treatment done as inconspicuously as possible. These custom made braces are made of clear ceramic and plastic and then fixed to the lingual or the tongue side of the teeth. This means that the braces and the arch wire is not visible to other people. This increases the teeth braces cost as the braces are specially made. The process of attaching the braces is also very difficult and frequent problems do crop up. This does increase the average teeth braces cost and the eventual cost of the treatment.

Teeth braces cost of progressive clear aligners:
Almost all permanent braces have to be attached by orthodontists. However, there are special transparent aligners like Invisalign that can be used. These aligners are completely transparent and are custom made for each patient according to a computer simulation. However, this procedure is only done by professionals and it has a very high average teeth braces cost.

There are many temporary teeth straightening options available online but we suggest that you get in touch with a professional orthodontist to get expert teeth braces cost estimates.